maybe if i ignore my homework for another hour it will get easier

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this is what makes us girl

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what missing you feels like, V.I.

meet Tadler, a 5 month old Vizsla puppy.


    I’m so done right now. I just want to be able to call someone and have them come over and sit with me while I cry and just talk and I have no one. No one I could even call right now and I am so fucking alone. I don’t want to live.

  • I moved 1,500 plus miles away and I’ve learned who are honestly my friends. A few text me and keep in touch. Ask me how I am and where things are going. I am so blessed to have them. The rest just fade away. You don’t want me in your life I won’t keep you there. Peace out!

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    Eating alone, doing activities alone, spending birthdays and holidays alone; that I can handle. But sleeping alone?

    It’s the worst thing about all this.

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