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I love you.

it’s hard to say, it’s hard to admit.

I loved you for all the weakness you showed and the strength that pulled me through.

I know this space between us is what you needed, what you deserved. 

and it hurts to know I use to count down the days, the minutes until I saw you.

like counting stars in an endless sky.

I would counted forever just to be what you wanted, what you needed.

and it’s still hard knowing letting you go was what you wanted most.

I could have traveled miles back to you, I planned my life with you in it. I pictured the mountains, I pictured a family. I pictured your smile there, just you and that smile. Always greeting me on the best and the worst days. I saw you. 

But i know you giving up and moving on is what you needed, what you deserved the most.

I loved you and from this day on, I don’t.

  • I really love Teenwolf and I really hate this flu/cold plague of death
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    Side note: yeah I am over like “No one can promise you kids in 2 years…get off your high horse and realize that isn’t realistic crazy person” to my ex.